To launch Stratford’s first Folk Festival we will be starting the weekend off with a Ceilidh. A Ceilidh is a social gathering in the form of a great party with singing, dancing and entertainment. We are thrilled to be welcoming local band Greenman Rising who will deliver beautiful ballads and full on musical madness. Equipped with one of their top callers you will pick up steps in no time in order to dance the night away!

Greenman Rising

Greenman Rising definitely delivered the goods for Beautiful Days .  Outdoor stages are always at the mercy of the weather, but despite the poor conditions we saw a better-than-average crowd clustered close to the band as the rain came down. And there was dancing too. Lots of it in fact – which is always the best sign when it comes to marking out a great festival band from an also-ran.

* John Bownas

This is music that doesn’t stand on ceremony; you won’t find cute arrangements and cool sophisticated posturing.

What you will get is the hardcore tradition for modern audiences. Driving dance tunes, songs about love, war, murder and betrayal. The soldier who rebels against an invasion and the sailor cheated when he comes on shore. Beautiful ballads and full-on musical madness that’ll get you dancing the night away.


  • Steve Bentley – vocals, bodhran
  • Andrew Wigglesworth – melodeons, whistle
  • Rebecca Park – fiddle, bassoon, recorder
  • Jen Waghorn – vocals, fiddle, mandolin
  • Richard Sullivan – guitar
  • Woody Bentley- bass


Arrival from 7:00pm


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